About ME


My full name is Jeremy Henri Raphael Faucomprez.

I was born October 12 1990 in Conflant St. Honorine near Paris, France.

At the age of 10, my family and I moved to Mexico and I was then home schooled using the French home teaching program CNED. Not  speaking Spanish at the time I enclosed myself in my room with my computer, and started creating 2d games using The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion 2 and RPG Maker 2000.

I created over 30 mini games as a hobby, which have been lost over time.
Slowly moving on to 3D games, I began using Valve's World Craft editor for Half Life 1.
I have been creating levels for any game engine that came with an SDK ever since, including Quake 2, Far Cry, Unreal Tournament, F.E.A.R, Unreal Engine and most recently Source Engine and Orange Box.

I studied at CETEC computer School in Mexico for 3 years and got a Basic Computing Diploma, and in Animation, Design and Multimedia Diploma.

I also took Harmony, Composing and Piano lessons at the House of Culture of Cancun, where I obtained 2 piano diplomas, and 1 Harmony Diploma.





September 2001

Moved from France to Mexico with my family, began developing 2d Games and learning about Game Design.

MarcH 2009

Moved to Montreal for work opportunities, met some cool people at Eidos Montreal and Ubisoft Montreal.

Began production on Underhell.

March 2011

Released Underhell Prologue.

September 2013

Released Underhell Chapter 1.

november 2013

Joined New World Interactive as a Technical Level Designer for the game Insurgency.

January 2014

Attended the Steam Dev-Days in Seattle.

Insurgency Launched.

March 2014

Redesigned every co-op map for Insurgency.

January 2015

Promoted to Producer at New World Interative.

work experience

Since I was home schooled, I was available for part time jobs. From 2005 to 2007, I have worked as a Cameraman and Video Editor by multiple social events filming companies.

In 2007 I was officially hired by Oscar Landeta a producer at Canal 30 Tulum Mexico, to work as a Camera Man, Animator and Video Editor, we filmed over 100 shows together.

I then created my own TV show for the channel, called MundoMedia, a show about upcoming Video Games and Movies.

Once I had graduated from High School, I decided to finally begin my journey to work in the video game Industry. I moved to Montreal hoping to land on a job at Ubisoft, Electronic Arts or Eidos. That is when I began active production on Underhell.

Underhell Prologue was released in March 2011, and was received very positively by a significant amount of players. We followed up with Chapter 1 in September 2013, which became a 10+ hours game and turned into one of the largest modifications ever made for the Source Engine.

In November 2013, I was hired by New World Interactive to work as Technical Level Designer for the Indie game Insurgency. I designed the Training level for the game, as well as technical 3d work such as collision model fixes, and character model improvements.

Insurgency launched in January 2014, becoming both a critical and commercial success, which allowed me to continue working with the team on future updates.

On March 26, 2014, I redesigned every co-op levels for the Molotov Spring content update for Insurgency.

In January 2015, I was promoted to the role of internal Producer with New World Interactive and was given communication and strategy reponsibilities while retaining my position as a member of the development team.


Insurgency training